What’s in a name?

When trying to decide what to call our business, we wanted to find a name that represented us in some way.

Pretty quickly, we decided that Bluebirds needed to be central to that name.

Bluebirds always bring good news. They approach you when they have something good in store for you, and are a reminder of happiness and joy to come.

As a team, we are solutions-oriented. We are determined to always find positive outcomes for our clients, and to come armed with solutions not problems. We love property, and do what we do because of the joy it brings our clients (and us!). With these things in mind, we feel like the meaning of Bluebirds is so fittingly aligned with who we are!

As for the Property Partners part… the ‘property’ is because that’s what we do, and the ‘partners’ is because that is how we operate. We value two-way, highly valuable partnerships, and treat our clients’ projects with the same respect and care that we would our own.

Bluebird Property Partners… A simple name with a thoughtful meaning.


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