In October 2019, The RBA Cut Rates to 0.75%…. Let’s Look at Why.

Here are some of the reasons behind the latest interest rate reduction:

  • GDP is growing but at the slowest rate in 10 years
  • Australia is caught up in the global slowdown – US, China &
  • Europe are reducing their interest rates
  • Despite strong jobs growth – the unemployment rate is 5.2%

But it’s not all bad news and there are plenty of reasons to be positive about Australia’s economic future:

  • Owner occupier lending is up – fastest growth since 2015!
  • Investor lending has spiked and First Home Buyers are back – taking up 19% of the total market – a 7.5 year high!
  • Population growth for the past decade is 370,000 people – up from 217,000 last decade – 70% increase!
  • The lower AUD is great for exporters & miners
  • The economy is still strong and Australia is nowhere near a recession – despite what the media is saying!


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