Have your say on the Neighbourhood Plan for Nathan, Salisbury and Moorooka

Over the last couple of months, the Brisbane City Council has been working with local residents, business owners and community groups to help create a new neighbourhood plan for Nathan, Salisbury and Moorooka. A team has been put together to oversee the rezoning of the suburban areas and the coordination of infrastructure and land use for the purpose of aiding future developments, facilitating employment growth and enhancing liveability.

Other areas of improvement that the local community are encouraged to weigh in on is the preservation of suburban and traditional character, the protection and enhancement of the environment in Toohey Forest and local waterways, and the wayfinding and streetscapes within the area.

Following this initial background research, Council will develop a draft strategy. Through this process the council will be creating face-to-face and online opportunities for the general public to have their say. This will inform a draft strategy for the neighbourhood plan, with will include details of all proposed changes such as changes to zones, overlays or planned infrastructure, and accompanying technical maps.

Here at Bluebird we wholeheartedly believe that our community input is so important in creating a better Brisbane, so have your say! More information on the project visit their webpage or email their project team

Picture by Brisbane Artist : http://kunstkammer.com.au/blog/

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