Florence Street – Greater Spaces and Thriving Communities

In February, Bluebird Property Partners hosted a successful local community feedback session for the proposed beautification works of the Florence Street streetscape. In collaboration with the Teneriffe Progress Association (TPA), Frank Developments and Form Landscape Architecture, the event was a success. We gained valuable opinions and insights into what the Teneriffe community would like to see in our local neighbourhood boulevard.

Here at Bluebird, we believe in authentic and personal communication, one that goes the extra mile! To better understand the Teneriffe community, we are working to create open, comfortable and honest dialogue. We pride ourselves on our friendly and honest conversations, easy to understand graphics and imagery, and our attention to people and place.

Through knocking on doors and walking the streets of Teneriffe last year, we learned that there was a desire from the community to revitalise the Florence Street precinct. And what an opportunity! With such a diverse range of uses and unique offerings, and what was once a thriving little boulevard, we recognised instantly how this precinct could be revitalised and bring the community together once again.

So, over the past 6 months, and over numerous coffees and informal chats, we have come to learn what a wonderful initiative this could be for everyone.

Some important comments we gathered from the public were the importance of celebrating local artists and designers through the potential commission of some awesome contemporary public art. We absolutely love this idea of celebrating local talent through public street art and connecting local culture to place. Another very practical yet important comment was the introduction of more public bins, which actually, in turn, enhances the pride and respect we have for the Teneriffe environment. Traffic reduction and lighting for both safety and appeal was also a hot topic throughout the night.

The event highlighted the importance of people and connection. We develop and design for the community, so their feedback is imperative.

All of the great feedback and suggestions have been recorded, and we are now in the process of developing our next phase of design and strategy. We are thrilled to be driving this community initiative in a suburb that we have personally been a part of for so long. It is just one other way for us here at Bluebird to give back and help drive greater places within our communities.

Beyond the session, The Bluebird and Frank Development teams will be working to incorporate the community’s feedback into their propped streetscape design for presentation at the next TPA Meeting in April, before commencing official discussions with Brisbane City Council.

Event Photography: Jared MP Media Playground

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