Certainty in an Uncertain Time – The Importance of a Construction Superintendent

What We Are Seeing

During these challenging times, the role of a Construction Superintendent is now more important than ever for the success of a project.

We’re seeing a lot of concern in the market when it comes to the impact of COVID-19 on construction sites.

What happens if the Government enforces a lockdown and sites close?

What happens if supply chains breakdown from USA, Europe and China?

What is the risk to your project?  

Construction sites are (at this stage) considered an essential service and are currently operating. While New Zealand has just enforced a shutdown of all sites – we’re not hearing any news of this happening in Australia yet.

In terms of the supply chain, Australia is not heavily reliant on overseas markets for materials and does not have capacity issues with the production of steel, cement, sheeting, etc. We also have significant supplies of finishing materials.

When it comes to delay claims, every contract is different but typically the relief angles for a contractor relate to ‘Force Majeure’ or a ‘Change in Legislation’. Putting to the side other limiting language in such clauses, these clauses generally provide:

  • ‘Force Majeure’ – time stands still and each party bears their own cost.
  • ‘Change in Law’ – relief to the contractor for the cost and time effects of dealing with a particular change in law.

With all of our projects, we are working with our builders, lawyers, financiers and project teams alike to ensure we maintain a balanced and collaborative approach to our contractual arrangements, particularly in the current climate.

Without doing so, projects run the risk of being directly impacted by legal disputes, time delays and costs overruns. A lose-lose for everyone.

How We Can Help – Construction Superintendent

We have over 30 years of combined experience, working for Australia’s best developers, delivering projects ranging from $2m to $700m. We are also formally licenced to perform superintendent services.

What we do:

The Bluebird Value-Add

We are not your typical Superintendent. We guarantee that we go over and above for each project that we become a part of. And we are the ones that are constantly thinking about every aspect of your development.

Our value-add:

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Now more than ever, confidence in your Superintendent is crucial and you can rely on us to see your project successfully come together.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss any aspect of your project during these uncertain times, Bluebird is ready to assist, obligation free. Please contact one of our partners direct:

Riye Arai-Coupe
0422 684 454

Claire O’Rourke
0420 377 025

Bluebird Property Partners is a specialist property development management and advisory company, based in Brisbane. We provide a dedicated and personalised service to developers and landowners who may not have the time, expertise or resources to oversee their projects. 

We have extensive experience, networks and the resources to manage all or any part of the development process.

We are your ‘one stop shop’. 


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