Brisbane’s Future Blueprint – Adding too much grey to Local Planning Process

Here at Bluebird Property Partners we love the colour blue, so in June last year when the Lord Mayor announced Brisbane’s Future Blueprint – we couldn’t wait to see what treasures were in store.

With 8 Principles and 40 Actions to guide our city’s next exciting chapter, we jumped up and down and gave each other some high fives!

Apparently 100,000 people had their say, which generated 15,000 ideas. Aren’t we an engaged bunch?

Generally, we were pretty amped with what the Council came up with – more laneways, more entertainment, more things to do! We also loved the idea of providing more greenspace, high quality design, and better travel options!

At Bluebird we thought: “Hot dawg – nice work Brisvegas – we’ve nailed this!!”

Then we read about Council’s plans to “preserve the back yard and our unique character” but also “give people more housing choice”. And whilst we can see merit in those overarching principles, the actions within them fall tremendously short of the vision of a ‘new world city’.

To cement these “guiding principles”, Council has proposed a Temporary Local Planning Instrument (TLPI) seeking to officially ban townhouses in low density areas effective immediately, should the State agree to their request. That means if you live in the suburbs – you can live in a house or a……house. Seems like the opposite of choice.

Since then a number of townhouse DAs have been knocked back – 13 townhouses at Pockley St, Morningside, 15 townhouses on Rode Rd, Wavell Heights; and potentially more to come.

What this all means is – there’s a new world order at BCC – planning approvals are harder, NIMBY-ism is stronger than ever and next year there is a Council election – so property owners and developers will suffer.  

As a result, your company needs to be able to identify how sites will be affected by the “grey” delivered by the Council’s blueprint. You also need a strong team that will help you to navigate the approval process and take the stress out of all this change.

Here at Bluebird Property Partners – we are your perfect partner for any residential project – from subdivisions to high rise apartments, we’re the development manager of choice. We connect the best consultants and manage project teams to deliver the full potential of your site.

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